Since Silence Juice is inserted into the suppressor from the front, it is IMPERATIVE that the weapon NOT have a round in the chamber while inserting liquid into the suppressor.

The processes is safest if the action is locked open while working around the suppressor.

Ready to Go

After inserting the liquid, close the action chambering a round and you are ready to go.

Our Recommendations

We recommend using copper plated ammunition because the use of exposed lead or waxed bullets in any suppressor, with or without Silencer Juice, will result in buildup of lead or wax in any suppressor.

Our Experience

Our experience has been that the 4 ounce bottle will last approximately 4000 rounds in a .22 suppressor and 2500 rounds in a 9mm suppressor.

It is best to start out with a small amount.

Our Research

Our research has found that one half pipette will give good results in most .22 suppressors for up to 20 rounds.  One pipette in a 9mm or larger suppressor is a good starting point.

You can adjust the amount of liquid as required.

Ask Before Using

Some manufacturers require that their product be used dry.  You must check with them before using Silencer Juice in their units.

Benefits of Silencer Juice

When using Silencer Juice, you will notice the first round pop will be eliminated, the suppressor will be quieter, cooler and cleaner.

You will notice that the weapon will not emit its characteristic odor when firing, making this an ideal addition when using indoors.

Sample Heading

Silencer Juice is also designed to help protect your suppressor from the corrosive effects of acids in the firing residue, especially those with aluminum tubes or baffles.

Silencer Juice is most effective when inserted into the closest baffle to the muzzle of the weapon.

The pipette can be trimmed to drop the liquid into this baffle without further effort on your part.

Sample Heading

No more disassembly, grease, water or spitting to make the suppressor work.  Just a squeeze of our liquid will do it.

We welcome feedback on your results when using this revolutionary new product.  Call or email us  304-410-0157   or  304-343-0978